WithScotland: Complex Idea – Simple Video

Design Ethnography is not just about discover, is also about how to communicate findings, insights and conclusions in a straightforward way.

At the Strategic Information Design module our challenge was to get WithScotland message across the a quite broad audience they intent to reach – from academics, practitioners and other professionals deeply involved in child and adult protection to the mainstream public who might be interest in the area.

Main challenges:

  • Align a very diverse team – 5 people, 3 different courses, 4 different nationalities
  • Be very careful with terminology due to the delicate field (child and adult protection)
  • Respect WithScotland brand parameters
  • Align level of quality, the skills of the group and a tight schedule

This is the final result chosen by the client as the best of the final solutions.

What is WithScotland from Fernando Galdino on Vimeo.

We would like to thank Beth Smith, Director of WithScotland for her trust, support and feedback. We also want to thank Megan Robertson for her outstanding voice, Setuniman and FreeSound for the soundtrack. We also want to thank Flickr and the following photographers: Frank Guido, Davide Cassanello, Adrian Dreßler, Josep Ma. Rosell, Maessive and Stefano Corso.

Thank you very much for your support through Creative Commons.

Soundtrack: Setuniman at FreeSound.org

Pictures: Flickr.com via Compfight.com

Frank Guido – flickr.com/photos/70973526@N00/5960974663/

Davide Cassanello – flickr.com/photos/dcassaa/395470853/

Adrian Dreßler – flickr.com/photos/38211812@N07/7308405302/

Josep Ma. Rosell – flickr.com/photos/10488545@N05/1865482908/

Stefano Corso – flickr.com/photos/pensiero/389087892/

Maessive – flickr.com/photos/42346519@N00/106440594/


And last but not least, a big thank to our team!

Alina Achiricioaei – Design for services – twitter.com/achiricioaei

Chongyu Tu – Product Design – twitter.com/ewantu

Claire England – Design for services – twitter.com/claireaengland

Ying Zhang – Design Ethnography – twitter.com/arielzhang4

The whole process is described at our blog – sidteam2.wordpress.com



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