Strategic Design Thinking – Day 5

Final day of lectures for this module!

Early in the morning we presented our 3D models for design processes (It was really funny, I’ll publish as soon as I get some pictures).

After that Tom talked about how to deal with workshops. Basically reinforcing the idea that today design is no more the black box with briefing coming from one side and genius ideas coming out of the other. More and more clients want to be part of the process, involving different stakeholders and developing collective solutions is more crucial than ever.

As I twitted earlier this week “Design thinking is designing with the external side of your brain“.

Tom showed pretty neat references on how to deal with workshops, like been aware of the space and how to better use it, knowing your participants’ backgrounds so you can adjust the tone of your voice / vocabulary and using templates / sheets so participants can synthesize / note down and you can document it more easily.

I am used to most of this because of a couple of projects I worked with at INSITUM (many workshops and creative sessions with users), but I really liked the way he presented. In fact the other days during this week I could see it applied and felt how it works.

The one thing we did a lot at insitum and he did not talked about is to rehearse workshop / sessions, at least crucial parts that can be more complex, hard to understand or execute and that could became a bottle neck for the whole activity. Maybe it is because Tom is so experienced and have facilitated so many workshops that he just don’t need this rehearse.

So if you are new to this “facilitation” thing I would strongly recommend you to test your workshop / creative sessions with a couple of friends or colleagues to see if they get the tasks easily, how long does it take to do it, if you need something else or can leave some useless part behind.

And don’t thank me for this lesson, thank Yoel Lenti.

Now we have a project for next weeks, lets see how it goes.