Here I list some of the work I have developed in the last couple of years. For more details check my LinkedIn.

Portfolio. Download the PDF

Presenting my CV, as well as my main academic, professional and experimental projects.

Detailed projects

The following documents describe in detail of the latest projects I have developed.

Sonic – Download the PDF

The aim of our final project at the MSc Design Ethnography was to discover IF and HOW sonic interfaces would / will flourish, and how such interfaces would resonate with people. The fieldwork was done simultaneously in Seattle (US), London (UK) and São Paulo (BR). Important to note that these results are prior to MotoX with ‘Google Now’ and Microsoft ‘Cortana’.

Ritmo – Download the PDF

Understanding self-tracking behaviour, as presented by the Quantified-Self movement, in the Brazilian context. Developed as part of the DJCAD – MSc Design Ethnography programme and sponsored by Microsoft Research.

Forro (in Portuguese) – Download the PDF

Project developed with the NGO Teto to help them to retain and attract new sponsors.

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